outer valve paper sacks

Production: It is made by pure wood pulp paper(the paper can be coated, complexed with PP woven fabric  added plastic film), cut the right length while make the paper as tube(the tube can be muti-wall), and then make one of the block bottom, after this, make the top with outer valve, normally the outer valve is sealed by ultrasound  folded in the sacks directly.  

    Detailed Description

Use: The valve sacks are put the bag bottom with valve on the filling machine. After filling the material, it is packed into a square body. The outer valve sacks will be sealed by the ultrasound  folded in the sacks directly.

Apply to: It is mainly used for packing food, animal feed,chemical powder, mineral products and other powder  granular solid materials and so on. It is a popular type of packaging bag which widely used in many lines.

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