What problems should be paid attention to when using the valve pocket


The valve pocket is sewn up and down, and the machine filling port is reserved. The packaged product is put into the pocket  the filling port under the action of pneumatic  mechanical power. What problems should we pay attention to when using it? The following is the arrangement of the editor:

1. The air leakage in the bag packaging may be caused by scratches of unknown objects and package damage during use.

2. Color shedding: As we all know, the valve pocket is a kind of plastic composite film, which is made of one  more layers of printed film by bonding with the film made of other materials through environmental protection roll. If the color falls off, it is likely that too little solvent is used in the mixing process and the viscosity is  firm.


3. It is easy to be damaged during packaging. This phenomenon is the wrong choice of packaging raw materials,  the use of inferior and substandard low-grade materials. Some manufacturers use low materials discarded by others to save costs. Quality problems have brought serious losses to manufacturers. This phenomenon is also very common. In addition, the manufacturer will communicate with the manufacturer when customizing the pocket. In addition to the problem, they also choose low materials that are  suitable for their products.

Multi-layer kraft paper square bottom pocket: This kind of square bottom pocket is made of all-wood pulp paper as the base material, and the color is divided into white kraft paper and kraft paper. The strength of the bag can be made into one to six layers according to the customer's requirements, which can realize printing and bag making. Generally, the square bottom pocket made of three paper and one membrane valve pocket, that is, a layer of PE film is added to the three layers of kraft paper. This processing process has better moisture-proof, moisture-proof and leak-proof effect., It can realize the unitized transportation of container, which is widely used for the transportation and packaging of powdery, granular and blocky goods such as building materials, chemicals, food, grain, medicine and mineral products. In developed countries, container bags are widely used as the packaging products for transportation and storage.


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