Do you meet the following problems about kraft paper packaging?


Hi everyone, with the fast development of society, everyone pay more and more attention to environmental protection. Recently, some friends asked me if I want to use kraft paper bags for flour, then how to choose the packaging?

kraft paper flour bag.jpg


Everyone knows that when our flour meets water, it will become a big dough, but the paper is also cannot resist water, so how it can protect our flour?

In fact, our kraft paper packaging also can be transformed. Normally it’s multiwall bags (2-5 layers). As we know, PE is waterproof,so we can laminated PE on the paper, insert a PE linner bag in the bag directly, then it becomes strong enough to protect our flour.

waterproof paper bag.jpg


But some friends have another question, the PE bag is breathable, the flour will be mold! Yes, this question is also very important, as a 13 years experience factory, we must do it well, we can punch the bag when using PE coating film PE liner bag, according to the characteristics of flour, we can choose microperforations, small holes , a big hole as you like. In this way, our kraft paper bag become the most suitable flour packaging--moister-proof & environmental.


 Finally, we hope that all of us take action to protect the environment on which we live. Using environmentally  materials, contact your paper sack expert KY.


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