What is coated kraft paper sacks ? How many colors of kraft paper for making bags?


Laminated paper sack is very common in our lives, mainly used to prevent oil and moisture, and can be heat-sealed. Laminated paper is a paper-plastic composite material, which is a composite material formed by coating plastic particles, such as PE/PP particles on the surface of the paper by the casting machine.

There are three main types of kraft paper used in bags: natural kraft paper, white kraft paper, and brown kraft paper.

1. Natural kraft paper is one of the most common kraft papers. Natural kraft paper is the original color of wood pulp, and unbleached .

2. White kraft paper is white paper that wood pulp is bleached by many times.

3. The color of brown kraft paper is darker than natural kraft paper, and it is brown.

Through the above information, we have a clear understanding of the raw materials of kraft paper bags. In the next article, we will go on to explore each detail of kraft paper bag production together. Your attention will make it more interesting.

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