What’s the difference between pure wood pulp paper and recycled wood pulp paper?


As we know, the kraft paper can be made by many kinds of materials,the main are recycled wood pulp and pure wood pulp. Here let’s study them more accurately.

Pure wood pulp paper is made  sulphate coniferous wood. After being pulp, it will become paper on the paper machine. According to the name, we know that pure wood pulp is made of wood only, without recycled pulp  other types of pulp. And the surface of pure wood pulp paper is smooth & delicate, with good strength & toughness, and long fiber,can be used for food packaging.

Recycled paper uses waste paper as the raw material, The pulp of waste paper is produced by many processes,such as broken, deinked, and decolored. Waste pulp has short fiber, low tensile strength and toughness, rough surface, and many impurities. Part of the recycled kraft paper has an unpleasant smell and the hair and powder will drop when printing. It cannot be used for food packaging.

Based on the above info of the two papers, we can get that there are three main differences between them:

1. different raw materials

2. the differences of surface and impurities

3. the different strength and thoughness

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